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Meet our team of world leading cryptography researchers. It goes without saying that we are all interested in cryptography and blockchains. We also have more specific interests ranging from cryptanalysis to zero-knowledge proofs to post-quantum cryptography.

Justin Drake. MEV; secret leader election; verifiable delay functions; zkEVM; sharding; and proof-of-custody.

Dankrad Feist. Vector commitments; Verkle trees; MPCs; and zero-knowledge proofs.

Gottfried Herold. Public key cryptanalysis.

George Kadianakis. Shuffling ZKPs; polynomial commitments; protocol design and implementation.

Dmitry Khovratovich. Symmetric crypto design; cryptanalysis of schemes and protocols; zero-knowledge proofs and circuits; verifiable delay functions; and privacy and anonymity.

Mary Maller. Zero-knowledge proofs; distributed key generation; and setup ceremonies.

Mark Simkin. Cryptographic protocols and primitives; algorithms and data structures.

Antonio Sanso. Isogenies; elliptic curves; public key cryptography; cryptanalysis.

Arantxa Zapico. Zero-knowledge proofs; lookup arguments, vector commitments.

Zhenfei Zhang. Lattice based cryptography; zero-knowledge proofs; cryptographic implementations.

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